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Interior design

After an initial consultation to discuss design concepts, we start the process with the consulting architect. (This enables your chosen space to show off your ideas.)

Specifications are supplied to selected contractors. We have a special network of contractors who help us to offer consistent quality in each facet of our services. You are also free to use your own selected contractors if you prefer.

In the next phase, we consult with contractors regarding selected materials and finishes. We negotiate best prices with suppliers and compile a project schedule covering the progress of each contractor. On approval, furniture design and manufacture begins and you will receive a cost estimate for the interior design and decoration phase that fits your budget.

After all the final internal and external design features are finished, we do a final check with you to make sure that everything is perfect. The decorating budget may be adapted at this point if necessary. Final touches such as blinds, curtains, fitting furniture and loose carpets are measured and complemented with selectively sourced accessories such as floor and table lamps.

All intellectual property rights in our designs are and will remain the property of My Room Interior Design (Pty) Ltd. Any infringement of our designs will be viewed seriously and a quantifiable loss will be realised and claimed.